1. 47cc Gasket Set

    47cc Gasket Set

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    Gasket set includes: Base gasket Case gasket Exhaust gasket Carb to intake manifold gasket Intake manifold to reed cage gasket Reed cage to case gasket Learn More
  2. 49cc 2-stroke Carburetor Gasket

    49cc 2-stroke Carburetor Gasket

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    Center Hole Diameter: 15mm Bolt Hole Spacing: 31mm Learn More
  3. Performance Carb Adaptor

    Performance Carb Adaptor

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    Bolt Hole Spacing: 31.66mm Center Hole Diameter: 15.50mm Learn More
  4. CDI adaptor for 4-stroke Honda Engines

    CDI adaptor for 4-stroke Honda Engines

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    CDI adaptor for Related Item: changes CDI from a dual plug to a single plug The two plug end has 2 wires on one plug and 3 wires on the other plug The single plug has 5 wires going into it Learn More